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Bella Grace is a survivor of not only domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape; she is also a survivor of death. On Septe
mber 14, 2002, Bella was stabbed 13 times to her left chest, three times to the back of her neck, and suffered many defensive wounds as her then ex-boyfriend fatally stabbed her in front of their two children in her mother’s kitchen. Bella suffered a collapsed lung, spinal damage, and severe nerve damage. However, after being listed as dead on arrival, Bella Grace miraculously lived to tell her story.

Since then, Bella Grace has moved on to teach women the importance of knowing who they are before engaging in relationships outside of yourself. She has been interviewed by magazines and radio stations. She is the founder of the Bella Grace Academy and Building Stronger Families Network which is her way to give back to her community and to help the next generation to be who they were created to be. In 2009, she became an author with the goal to teach the world through her experiences that your situation does not define it helps narrate your story. In 2013, She founded Dynamic New You Coaching and Consulting Services. As an empowerment coach, Bella Grace’s gift is to empower, encourage, and educate the women she meets with to embrace whom they are by walking out their situations by way of communication.

Bella Grace is more than just a survivor and an author, she is also a mother to not only her children, but to everyone that she meets along her journey. Her ministry, Walking On Water Ministries allows her to teach the world that it is not about them through her actions, not just her words. She has often been defined as a rising phoenix, because of her ability to rise above the very things that were set to make her fall. With such a resilient spirit and beautiful smile, your heart and mind will automatically open up to the heart and mind of Bella Grace. 

Dynamic New You Coaching and Consulting
"The truth is it is all about you!"

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